Ocean Ford Public Audition


Saturday 23rd June 11am
Ocean Ford, 59-71 Commerce St


Registration Form


Event organisers are looking for the final couple (one male and one female)  from the Eastern Bay Public, and this is your chance to take part in this fun and exciting Life Education Trust EBOP fundraiser. The successful male and female will receive a series of dance lessons and upon completion, will participate in the Edge Realty Dancing with the Stars, War Memorial Hall Whakatane, Saturday October 20th.


No dance experience is necessary. Audition time will be limited to 2 minutes per person. Dance floor and bluetooth speaker is available; however you will need to bring your own music if you wish to audition to music.

You must make yourself available in such locations at such times as required for training classes, rehearsals, publicity, recordings or photographs, unless by prior arrangement with Dance Instructors or event organisers.    You must supply your own costume and shoes acceptable to the Dance organisers / Dance Choreographer if you are the successful applicant.

You must be over 18 years of age.   You are welcome to bring a dance partner or support person.   The audition panel’s decision is final.


Please print and email this form to proeventsnz@gmail.com

Alternatively drop it off to Ocean Ford, the Beacon or Radio 1XX

  1.  Why are you auditioning for Edge Realty Dancing with the Stars Life Education Trust EBOP Fundraiser





  1.  Tell us a little about yourself




  1. Where did you hear about the auditions

On the Internet On the radio in the newspaper

Word of mouth other (please specify)  _____________________________________

  1. Have you had any dance experience (please describe)


  1. Have you ever been charged with a crime or convicted of a crime or served time in prison or correctional facility?  

  2. Yes                  No     (if yes please provide details ) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Why should you be chosen to participate in the inaugural ‘Dancing with Rotorua Stars’?




Terms & Conditions of Entry for Edge Realty Dancing with the Stars (ERDWTS), for Life Education Trust EBOP (LETEBOP),  Fundraising Event Audition

I acknowledge ERDWTS is a major fundraising event for LETEBOP and it will attract a high level of publicity. As a participant in the ERDWTS, I agree to make myself available for all reasonable media and publicity events associated with ERDWTS in order to promote ERDWTS and LETEBOP. In doing so I agree to act and behave appropriately and professionally at all times and I will be supportive of LETEBOP and Life Education Trust New Zealand and its activities. I further agree not to do or say anything that may bring LETEBOP or Life Education Trust New Zealand into disrepute.


I acknowledge that in participating in ERDWTS I am not a representative of the LETEBOP  or Life Education Trust  New Zealand and I am not authorised to make any statements on behalf of LETEBOP or Life Education Trust New Zealand.


I acknowledge that I am participating in ERDWTS at my own risk and I will not hold responsible, or bring any claims against, LETEBOP or Life Education Trust  New Zealand  for any loss, damage, injury, or loss of income caused to me by any means by virtue of my preparation for and participation in ERDWTS.


Do not sign this form unless you are sure that any information you have provided is correct and you are prepared to agree to the terms and conditions of entry set out in the registration day application form


SIGNED _________________________________________________ DATED _______________________